Latest News

JAN - APR 2023 

Got through the major relocation and the studio is back in full operation.  Just completed the first new song track, continuing on Album #8, the track is called Forward Through The Storm, and features Abigail on the lead & harmony vocals.  Added the new section on the Songbits menu, for this new song.  I also adjusted overall gains on all tracks at the album level.

JUN - OCT 2022 

Took a step back to Album #3 and redid a mix of "More Than You'll Ever Know" with lead vocals by Abigail, adding a new sparkle to the song.  Otherwise very low studio activity through July onward, as family crisis has me packing up and relocating.   Will get back on track hopefully by year's end. . . . .

MAR - MAY 2022 

Work continues mainly on Album #5, with new tracks on the album as well as new mixes to correct mixing problems on some of the other songs.  Just uploaded track #8, "Passion For Love".  Prior to that, I uploaded a new mix of "The Power Of Prayer" with an awesome vocal performance by Abigail.

I've also begun a project that I've wanted to get to for a long time, which is adding some of the technical info such as particular instrumentation used for each song.  I've begun to make use of the "Info" link, which is at the far right margin of each track on each album's Music page.  There was sufficient space here built into the design, underneath its "Lyrics" entry (which I don't use because I have an entire main menu item for all of the Lyrics) - so this is where I've begun to enter that tech info into.  It'll take some time to update all of the albums with that material, but at least that's "in progress" at this time.  Onward & upward.....! 

JAN - FEB 2022 

Jan 21  Completed the track "Gathered Here" for Album 5.

Jan 01-19  Continued to go back through early albums and remix songs that I had wanted to make some small "fixes" to.   Still targeting release of albums 1 thru 3 by/around June, and there are some creative issues that I want to fix before I release them.  Looking ahead, but also wanting to make sure that each song is as good of a recording that I can manage at this point in time. 

One newer recording that I just added to Album 7, is "Tugging At Your Heart", and I think that if I can get all the earlier mixes up to the level of that one, I'll be happy to release albums for download &  sale.  Moving ahead on schedule! 

SEP - DEC 2021 

Oct-Dec -  completed remixing on numerous songs on Albums 4 and 7 including more attention to gain mastering.  Aside from taking extra time off for the holidays, I chased down and resolved studio system problems caused by Windows updates, and upgraded to Win 11 while I was at it.  Happy to report that system is stable now and work continues at full speed ahead.  Getting ready to send in 3 more songs to the US Copyright office, making my copyright total - 100 songs!  Time to party?!

Sep 22 - completed and uploaded the song "At Least A Thousand Years", for Album 07.
Sep 06 - completed and uploaded the instrumental piece called "Whispering Goodbye", for Album 07.

AUG 2021 

12 Aug  Uploaded the first-ever recording of Carolina Shore; it will get new vocal tracks and better mix before I'm done, but it's good to finally be adding this one into the album.
04 Aug  Uploaded "Even So, My Love" for Album 7.  I'm getting hooked on the Session Guitarist Picked Acoustic by Native Instruments using the Kontakt Player.  Whew. A bit of a bear to wrestle with, but worth the effort. 
02-03 Aug  Uploaded the new version of "Hugs, Like Bugs" (with Abby's vocals now!) for the Children's Album and quietly celebrating because the material for that album, 14 regular tracks plus another special Bonus Track - are all completed!  I'll be reviewing overall mix and gain balancing, and there is even some voice-overs to be mixed in yet - but this album will be soon ready for download at Track or Album level!   It's been a really exciting and fun project, thanks also to all the awesome vocals done by Abigail!  

JUN - JUL 2021 

Jul 30:  Uploaded revised mixes of "Butterfly Down" and "When Our Eyes Meet" for Album 3, correcting some minor mixing issues.  
Jul 26: "Giveaways Come Back" now uploaded with Abigail's vocals!  
Jul 17-18:   Uploaded my initial recording of "Hugs, Like Bugs", that completes the 15-song collection on the Children's Album!  That song will go out to Abigail soon for her vocals.  I also have completed the new Lyrics sheets for albums 1-7 now!   More upgrades to come soon, stay tuned! 
Jul 16 - Uploaded my initial recording of "Giveaways Come Back" on the Children's album.  Meanwhile it's sent out to Abigail for her vocals. Check it out! 
Jul 12 - I've been taking time away from recording, to do a long-overdue makeover of all of the album's lyric sheets.  At this point, I've redone Albums 1 through 5, and will soon have them all completed.  I've used mostly all-new background scenes and carefully adhered to exact fonts throughout, for consistency!

Jul 04 - Abigail recorded lead & harmony vocals on "Laughter In My Heart" for the Children's Album!  We're really getting close to completion on this album!

Jun 24-28 - Completed the Bonus Track for the Children's Album, called "My Great Big yellow Sponge"!
Jun 25 - Abby finished the vocals on "It's Raining Today" and that's now uploaded!
Jun 23 - Completed the song "Laughter In My Heart" for the Children's Album!
Jun 16 - Added new mix of the title track (Jelly Beans Song) and Abby's wonderful vocals are now on a new mix of "Chalk on the Sidewalk" - both songs have now been uploaded to Album 6!
Jun 7 - Added the song "Rainbow In Your Shoe" to the Children's album. Well worth a listen!
Jun 4 - "You're So Special" is back from Abby and her vocals are lovely!  She also contributed to my song "Kisses" to the album, both of those songs are now uploaded to enjoy!

JUN 2 - Moving across from Album 2 to Album 6, adding to the Children's album - Chalk on the Sidewalk, and You're So Special. 
Also sent them both of those songs out for pro vocals by Abigail Strickland. Updates coming soon!

MAR - MAY 2021 

May 18 - been doing an amazing volume of work all throughout the Keepin' Time album, it'll be one of the very best in the collection.  In addition to 4 great songs that Neal wrote lyrics to, I've done some of my best recording and especially using the session acoustic fingerstyle guitar app.   Check out "Enough Time" and "When Our Eyes Meet", and smile . . . .

Apr 23 - updated "The Day Could Have Never Ended" on Album #3, with beautiful vocals by Abigail!
Apr 22 - added new voice-over tracks to Album #2, with lovely VO work by Kelly Petering!
Apr 11 - recorded "You're Flyin' Me Too High", with lyrics by Neal.  Uploaded onto Album #3, "Keepin' Time".
Apr 08 - reorganized all albums' music content into separate pages, as there is just too much content to scroll down forever.  Under the main menu "Music", there are now sub-menus for each album.  Album #01 is now completely done in the format that I envisioned for every album.  Includes all voice-over tracks - now, 25 tracks in all, for Album 01!   Whew!
Apr 04 - uploaded "The Rainbow Bridge" for Album #4.

Mar 31 - wrapped up the month with some new mixes on Album #8, and uploaded new mixes on Album #4.
Mar 28 - uploaded new mixes of "Butterfly Down" and "Give Me Some Time" from Album #3.
Mar 25 - uploaded new mixes of "Along The Road" and "Along For The Ride" from Album #2.
Mar 08 - uploaded a new remix of "A Little Bit Of Me" Album #2, featuring Liel on vocals.  Added new instr. tracks.
Mar 05 - uploaded a new remix of "Things I Know" Album #4, with really great vocals by Tom Bedlam
Mar 03 - uploaded "We Life Our Praise" to Album #4, with sterling vocals by Jessica Magro

Update : I'm separating menu tabs for News and Blog, and developing a stand-alone Blog section.  I want to use the Blog section to generate discussion about relevant but "deeper" topics of recording, producing, etc while keeping the News section just mainly for updates on what songs are added, remixed, uploaded, news of upcoming changes to the site (such as this entry) and such.  So, the menu tab for "Blog" will be inactive while I am working on that page design - then I'll activate it.





JAN - FEB 2021 

Feb 28 - closed out the month by adding the song co-written by R. Neal Gracey on Album #3, called "Butterfly Down".  
Feb 20 - added "We Lift Our Praise" to the "On a Wing and a Prayer" album, and am sending it out for pro vocals by Jessica! 
Feb 15 - "You're Just Like Me" on the Children's album now features Abby on vocals!
Feb 06 - uploaded new remake of  "The Way The Picture Reads" from Album #2,  added new bass and drums as well as new mix settings. 
Feb 05 - uploaded new mix of "Long Time Waiting", with vocals by Abigail Strickland.  I also recorded "Give Me Some Time", both are on Album #3.
Feb 02 - uploaded new song for the children's album "You're Just Like Me", as well as a new addition to the Keepin' Time album "Give Me Some Time".
Jan 15 -  uploaded for Album #4, "Somewhere Down The Road", featuring incredible vocals by Jessica Magro!
Also remixed and uploaded numerous songs on Albums #1, #2, and #7.  Gaining expertise with mix & mastering settings finally.
Jan 03 -  new mix done & uploaded for Album #7  "Since I Met You", with beautiful vocals by Abigail Strickland!

NOV - DEC 2020 

Dec 31.   Remixed and uploaded "Blue Velvet Morning" in Album #2.
Dec 28.   Recorded and uploaded "Lighthouse In The Night", Album #7.  This one will soon go out for pro vocals, and is one of my favorites.  
Update, I am working on gain balancing every song and completed all songs thus far on Album 8, and will be working backwards until I get all albums updated.  You can play through the entire album now without having to adjust playback volume.

Update, Dec sometime. . . .  added "Of Your Smile" from Album #2, and "Since I Met You" from Album #7.  Added new mix of "Didn't Apply To You" from Album #8 (Liel on vocals).
Update, Nov 20:   Continuing with new mixes as well as new song recordings - uploaded new recording of a 1981 tune from the dusty archives, "A Long Time Ago" on Album #3.   Great new mixes of Stillness of the Dawn, and An Empty Tomb, both on Album #4.  New input coming soon for expanding the Children's Album.  Stay tuned!