JAN - FEB 2021

Feb 28 - closed out the month by adding the song co-written by R. Neal Gracey on Album #3, called "Butterfly Down".  
Feb 20 - added "We Lift Our Praise" to the "On a Wing and a Prayer" album, and am sending it out for pro vocals by Jessica! 
Feb 15 - "You're Just Like Me" on the Children's album now features Abby on vocals!
Feb 06 - uploaded new remake of  "The Way The Picture Reads" from Album #2,  added new bass and drums as well as new mix settings. 
Feb 05 - uploaded new mix of "Long Time Waiting", with vocals by Abigail Strickland.  I also recorded "Give Me Some Time", both are on Album #3.
Feb 02 - uploaded new song for the children's album "You're Just Like Me", as well as a new addition to the Keepin' Time album "Give Me Some Time".
Jan 15 -  uploaded for Album #4, "Somewhere Down The Road", featuring incredible vocals by Jessica Magro!
Also remixed and uploaded numerous songs on Albums #1, #2, and #7.  Gaining expertise with mix & mastering settings finally.
Jan 03 -  new mix done & uploaded for Album #7  "Since I Met You", with beautiful vocals by Abigail Strickland!

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