AUG 2021

12 Aug  Uploaded the first-ever recording of Carolina Shore; it will get new vocal tracks and better mix before I'm done, but it's good to finally be adding this one into the album.
04 Aug  Uploaded "Even So, My Love" for Album 7.  I'm getting hooked on the Session Guitarist Picked Acoustic by Native Instruments using the Kontakt Player.  Whew. A bit of a bear to wrestle with, but worth the effort. 
02-03 Aug  Uploaded the new version of "Hugs, Like Bugs" (with Abby's vocals now!) for the Children's Album and quietly celebrating because the material for that album, 14 regular tracks plus another special Bonus Track - are all completed!  I'll be reviewing overall mix and gain balancing, and there is even some voice-overs to be mixed in yet - but this album will be soon ready for download at Track or Album level!   It's been a really exciting and fun project, thanks also to all the awesome vocals done by Abigail!  

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