MAR - MAY 2022

Work continues mainly on Album #5, with new tracks on the album as well as new mixes to correct mixing problems on some of the other songs.  Just uploaded track #8, "Passion For Love".  Prior to that, I uploaded a new mix of "The Power Of Prayer" with an awesome vocal performance by Abigail.

I've also begun a project that I've wanted to get to for a long time, which is adding some of the technical info such as particular instrumentation used for each song.  I've begun to make use of the "Info" link, which is at the far right margin of each track on each album's Music page.  There was sufficient space here built into the design, underneath its "Lyrics" entry (which I don't use because I have an entire main menu item for all of the Lyrics) - so this is where I've begun to enter that tech info into.  It'll take some time to update all of the albums with that material, but at least that's "in progress" at this time.  Onward & upward.....! 

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