NOV - DEC 2020

Dec 31.   Remixed and uploaded "Blue Velvet Morning" in Album #2.
Dec 28.   Recorded and uploaded "Lighthouse In The Night", Album #7.  This one will soon go out for pro vocals, and is one of my favorites.  
Update, I am working on gain balancing every song and completed all songs thus far on Album 8, and will be working backwards until I get all albums updated.  You can play through the entire album now without having to adjust playback volume.

Update, Dec sometime. . . .  added "Of Your Smile" from Album #2, and "Since I Met You" from Album #7.  Added new mix of "Didn't Apply To You" from Album #8 (Liel on vocals).
Update, Nov 20:   Continuing with new mixes as well as new song recordings - uploaded new recording of a 1981 tune from the dusty archives, "A Long Time Ago" on Album #3.   Great new mixes of Stillness of the Dawn, and An Empty Tomb, both on Album #4.  New input coming soon for expanding the Children's Album.  Stay tuned!

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