Welcome to this special page!  This is the area that I've created in order to provide further details on a song-by-song basis.  This will include a very special photo for each song, many of them licensed through the good folks at ShutterStock photos.  To me, finding the "perfect" photo that best represents exactly what sort of visual idea I had when I was inspired to write each song - is a fabulous feeling!  I love these song photos, and I'm sure that you will appreciate the new addition of this page, which takes you behind-the-scenes with ideas and comments about what inspired the song. 

I wanted to do some things here that I couldn't do over on the Lyrics menu page, from a design standpoint.  This page will also include some "technical bits" about various recording and mixing issues that is geared primarily for my peers who also record much like I do.  Those notes will gradually become more detailed, as I continue to document my own recording and mixing settings on each song.  This section of my website will be a constant work in progress, as I'll stop by to update it very frequently.  I hope that you'll enjoy viewing it as much as I will in creating it!      ~John