MAR - MAY 2021

May 18 - been doing an amazing volume of work all throughout the Keepin' Time album, it'll be one of the very best in the collection.  In addition to 4 great songs that Neal wrote lyrics to, I've done some of my best recording and especially using the session acoustic fingerstyle guitar app.   Check out "Enough Time" and "When Our Eyes Meet", and smile . . . .

Apr 23 - updated "The Day Could Have Never Ended" on Album #3, with beautiful vocals by Abigail!
Apr 22 - added new voice-over tracks to Album #2, with lovely VO work by Kelly Petering!
Apr 11 - recorded "You're Flyin' Me Too High", with lyrics by Neal.  Uploaded onto Album #3, "Keepin' Time".
Apr 08 - reorganized all albums' music content into separate pages, as there is just too much content to scroll down forever.  Under the main menu "Music", there are now sub-menus for each album.  Album #01 is now completely done in the format that I envisioned for every album.  Includes all voice-over tracks - now, 25 tracks in all, for Album 01!   Whew!
Apr 04 - uploaded "The Rainbow Bridge" for Album #4.

Mar 31 - wrapped up the month with some new mixes on Album #8, and uploaded new mixes on Album #4.
Mar 28 - uploaded new mixes of "Butterfly Down" and "Give Me Some Time" from Album #3.
Mar 25 - uploaded new mixes of "Along The Road" and "Along For The Ride" from Album #2.
Mar 08 - uploaded a new remix of "A Little Bit Of Me" Album #2, featuring Liel on vocals.  Added new instr. tracks.
Mar 05 - uploaded a new remix of "Things I Know" Album #4, with really great vocals by Tom Bedlam
Mar 03 - uploaded "We Life Our Praise" to Album #4, with sterling vocals by Jessica Magro

Update : I'm separating menu tabs for News and Blog, and developing a stand-alone Blog section.  I want to use the Blog section to generate discussion about relevant but "deeper" topics of recording, producing, etc while keeping the News section just mainly for updates on what songs are added, remixed, uploaded, news of upcoming changes to the site (such as this entry) and such.  So, the menu tab for "Blog" will be inactive while I am working on that page design - then I'll activate it.





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