JUN - JUL 2021

Jul 30:  Uploaded revised mixes of "Butterfly Down" and "When Our Eyes Meet" for Album 3, correcting some minor mixing issues.  
Jul 26: "Giveaways Come Back" now uploaded with Abigail's vocals!  
Jul 17-18:   Uploaded my initial recording of "Hugs, Like Bugs", that completes the 15-song collection on the Children's Album!  That song will go out to Abigail soon for her vocals.  I also have completed the new Lyrics sheets for albums 1-7 now!   More upgrades to come soon, stay tuned! 
Jul 16 - Uploaded my initial recording of "Giveaways Come Back" on the Children's album.  Meanwhile it's sent out to Abigail for her vocals. Check it out! 
Jul 12 - I've been taking time away from recording, to do a long-overdue makeover of all of the album's lyric sheets.  At this point, I've redone Albums 1 through 5, and will soon have them all completed.  I've used mostly all-new background scenes and carefully adhered to exact fonts throughout, for consistency!

Jul 04 - Abigail recorded lead & harmony vocals on "Laughter In My Heart" for the Children's Album!  We're really getting close to completion on this album!

Jun 24-28 - Completed the Bonus Track for the Children's Album, called "My Great Big yellow Sponge"!
Jun 25 - Abby finished the vocals on "It's Raining Today" and that's now uploaded!
Jun 23 - Completed the song "Laughter In My Heart" for the Children's Album!
Jun 16 - Added new mix of the title track (Jelly Beans Song) and Abby's wonderful vocals are now on a new mix of "Chalk on the Sidewalk" - both songs have now been uploaded to Album 6!
Jun 7 - Added the song "Rainbow In Your Shoe" to the Children's album. Well worth a listen!
Jun 4 - "You're So Special" is back from Abby and her vocals are lovely!  She also contributed to my song "Kisses" to the album, both of those songs are now uploaded to enjoy!

JUN 2 - Moving across from Album 2 to Album 6, adding to the Children's album - Chalk on the Sidewalk, and You're So Special. 
Also sent them both of those songs out for pro vocals by Abigail Strickland. Updates coming soon!

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